blog_logoI’ve always had a love-hate relationship with blogging. I love blogging because quite frankly (not to sound cocky) I just love seeing my thoughts come onto paper in some form that I could actually reference back to in the future. I have so many thoughts floating up there (often forcing me to stay up till 5 am… yes you don’t want to see the mess they call my brain) that it’s just nice to see them come onto the screen in some actual coherent form. Also, I usually go through the day with 5 random, sometimes cool, mostly random thoughts where in the moment I think, “man I need to remember that one.”   And what better way to file away the next ground breaking idea than in a blog!  Yet I never get to it, and my brilliant nugget of truth (which could someday turn into my life changing thesis) is lost in the chaos of the next 5 thoughts. The other reason I love blogging is I just love sharing my thoughts with people. Granted at this point my audience is quite limited, I would someday love to blog and be part of a blogging community that just exchanges ideas and discourses on thoughts. Finally, I love preaching. HAHA. (I know, you’re like what’s that have to do with anything?). I love preaching, but unfortunately with my current stage of life and ministry I don’t get to do it much. So in my mind blogging could be a great medium to get my voice out there.

With all that said. I hate blogging. Honestly, because I’m just lazy. It’s a lot of work. I would rather watch TV or chat online (which strangely if I took the amount that I typed into chat boxes and turned it into blog entires I’d probably be able to write 10 entries a day).  And often in the middle of writing an entry I just think that this sounded cooler in my head… I’m tempted to think that right now, but I’m just going to push through.  

Anyways, lately as some of you know, I’ve been on a church planting thought spree and have been meticulously stalking church websites from around the country. (I know.. I’ve already been called a nerd twice today… drop it) I’ve been particularly impressed by a recent Seattle church plant named Quest Church. I’ve been so encouraged (even to the point of tears) by what God is doing in their ministry and this is just from checking out their website! (That’s a good website!)

I’ve been particularly blessed by their pastor’s, Eungene Cho, blog. If you look at his blog, he blogs almost daily to the point of obsession (at least in my standards), but I must say I spent the last hour reading back the last few months of his faith, ministry, and even personal journey, and I ended my time just feeling extremely refreshed and with a fuller and renewed vision of the kind of church that’d I want to be apart of planting someday.  (Thanks Eugene!  Even though you will probably never see this)

All that to say, I want to try to be more disciplined in my blogging (let’s start with once a week at least.. not every day).  Not just for the reasons mentioned above, but because I am starting to see what an incredible blessing and ministry blogging can be to this generation.

May God begin to use this blog as a place to bless, encourage, give vision hope joy peace, connect, inspire, refresh, teach, exhort, challenge, and ultimately love the church, even if that remains to be the 10 of you who actually read this (extra blessing for the 5 who read my whole entries… now that you got here you should get the cherry on top of the blessing).

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