Jessica and Spots

jessica and spotsMeet Spots. My sister’s new dog (taken on my new iPhone). Spots looks sort of like a cross between Bolt (from the movie) and a HUGE white rat. Nonetheless, she’s pretty cute, and my sister spared no detail in telling me all kinds of stuff about her new pet that only an 8 year old would care about. Apparently, she’s only 10 weeks old, but she’s already 90% potty trained and can already play fetch with a ball (but good luck getting the ball back). Also, if you just let her run around in the backyard to go potty she gets lost (probably would get eaten too…), so you always need to walk her out and watch her.  Finally, because she gets lonely at night, she has to sleep in a cage in my sister’s room where she remains quiet through the night and waits eagerly the next morning for Jessica to wake up.

Tonight, I came home. As usual, I’m not particularly excited to be home. But tonight is a rare night. My parents are out of the house, so I got to spend some rare one on one time with my sister. We played DS, watched movies, and played with Spots.  She taught me how to fight with a staff (she’s taking some kind of kung fu performing arts class) and she almost hit me in the nuts and the head with it.  Now as she falls asleep, her head is on my lap and Spots on my other lap. She just smiled at me. I’ve been missed. She’s been waiting for me to come home for awhile now. I’m glad I can make her happy. This is definitely a moment of pure bliss. I’m not sure what the rest of this week will bring, but as for tonight… it was a good night :o).

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