Catalyst West 2010

This morning I woke up at 5:30am to drive up to Irvine to attend my first Catalyst West conference, and after one day I can say its been well worth it. This is turning out to be one of my favorite Christian conferences that I’ve ever attended. The innovation, passion, and energy in this place is contagious. It was crazy walking into the plenary this morning to see large confetti filled balloons and helium filled “UFO” saucers being bumped around to club music!
The theme this year is “Unusual Tomorrow.”  Andy Stanley set the scene for us this morning by challenging us to remember the dreams and visions that we had when we first started ministry. He reminded us that the present realities of today often squash the dreams that we have for tomorrow, and that as leaders of the church we need to be continually calling our churches to chase after a better tomorrow.  And because the  dreams that God puts on our heart are always too big for us to accomplish by our own efforts and resources, it becomes tempting in light of our current realities to think that our “unusual tomorrow” is out of reach.

That is until you remember that it is a message of the most impossible event, about the most unusual person, spread through the most unqualified messengers that overcame all odds and established itself in the ancient world.  Andy reminded us that to the persecuted church under Rome would have seen the reality that we live in today as the most impossible “unusual tomorrow.”  That it was only through the most supernatural ways that this message could have survived, spread, and thrived.

In the same way our wildest, craziest dreams for the Kingdom are all possible through God. The same power and Spirit that enabled the gospel to spread throughout the ancient world is still working in us today. That through the most unlikely circumstances and most difficult opposition our dreams and visions can be made a reality. And as Andy reminded us of this, I felt the Lord breathing new life into my visions, my dreams.  Old ideas that started to feel foggy or unclear, plans that I’ve begun to settle on in my mind because they felt too big all of a sudden felt within grasp again.

All that said, I’m ready to keep dreaming for an Unusual Tomorrow!

Soo…. What are dreams of an Unusual Tomorrow that you have?

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