Here are a collection of different teaching notes I’ve created for seminars and classes I’ve taught, along with a few papers I’ve written.

Copyright info:  Please feel free to use these notes however you would like. You may change and edit the seminar notes, but please give credit where it’s due. Please also make proper citations when using anything from papers I’ve written. Thank You.

I am also available to come and teach any of these seminars at your event or group. Please email me if you’re interested.

Past Teaching Notes:

Hearing God and Prayer

  • Whispers, Shouts, and Moments: Hearing God’s Voice for Yourself and Others (UCSD Leadership Summit 2010) .pdf
  • Prayer Ministry 101 (UCSD Leadership Summit 2010) .pdf
  • Prayer Empowered Evangelism (CMC West Coast 2011) .pdf
  • Developing a Culture of Intercession: Leading Sustainable Prayer Meetings (CMC West Coast 2011) .pdf
  • Introduction to Inner Healing (UCSD Prayer Team Meeting Nov 2009) .pdf

Hello Holy Spirit!:  An Introductory Theology of the Spirit
These are teaching notes from a seminar on the Holy Spirit that I taught to InterVarsity leaders in Fall 2010. There was suppose to be 5 parts, but we had to cancel the last session.

  • Part 1: Who Are You Holy Spirit? .pdf
  • Part 2: Life With the Spirit .pdf
  • Part 3: Transformation by the Spirit .pdf
  • Part 4: Ministry with the Spirit .pdf


  • How to Lead Worship in Small Groups (Coast Vineyard Dec 2009) .pdf

Crossing Cultures

  • How to Cross Cultures (UCSD Leadership Summit 2010) .pdf


  • Mentoring Seminar (UCSD Fall Retreat 2009) .pdf


  • Introduction to Spiritual Formations Paper (Bethel Seminary San Diego Fall 2009) .doc